Pre-Roll Solutions

– High Speed Stick Making and Packaging Equipment

– Patented Cannabis Reconstitution Equipment

– Automated Child Resistant Packaging Machines

– Tax Stamping, Cellophaning and Boxing Equipment

– Facility Design, Installation and Maintenance Service

– Manufacturing Supplies



IP All Down The Stream

From the initial biomass processing to child resistant packaging

From the processing of the biomass for perfect reproducibility, homogeneity and standardization, to the child resistant hinge lid pack that is compliant with Canadian, U.S. and E.U. regulations: WestCann has an automated solution for everything, everywhere. High-speed.

What's Inside?

What would you like? With our patented primary processing technology, you can formulate virtually any cannabinoid and terpene combination. The secret: Reconstitution.


With WestCann’s patented reconstitution technology, you can create anything. And again, and again. 

All ingredients become a commodity, and everything tastes the same as last time. Does that sound boring? It’s the opposite: With our patented cannabis reconstitution process you are in control of every aspect of the final product and are able to replicate every blend and formula. The results: Commoditization, independence from horticultural cycles, scalability, reproducibility and ultimately a significant edge over the competition.

It Goes Away!

Not just in smoke: Everything in our products is 100% biodegradable: Cotton filters, cardboard packaging, inner and outer foils. Even the glue.

Canada, Eh?

If you are a Canadian LP, WestCann can assist you with full regulatory support, facility design and even operator training.

Conquer The World?

We are ready to install our machine lines with minimum lead times in the U.S., Germany, Thailand and Australia.

What We Cann

Pre-rolls are one of the hottest items in the cannabis industry. We can not only help you set up with the most cutting edge technology there is, we will help you all the way through scaling your operations and ultimate success.

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